Call4 offers you Email marketing service to communicate better with your customers. You can easily create, send and track your emails. Deliver email campaigns on time into the inbox of your customers.

The features and benefits of Email marketing service are:

  • Targeting: Send email campaigns to relevant target audience by segregating your contacts on the basis of the information available and response rate; which will result in higher rate of interest.
  • Segregate contacts on the basis of gender, city and many more.
  • Higher open and click rates.
  • Higher ROI.
  • Lower rate of complaints and unsubscribe.
  • Segregate more by the response behavior.
  • Create, Preview Campaigns and Split Test: You can re-check your campaigns design so that it appears the same across your clients browser and other devices. You can further also predict the click and open rates of the email with the split test.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Campaign Preview in inbox across 30+ clients and mobile devices.
  • Re-targeting campaigns to the ones who have viewed/ not viewed the campaigns.
  • Deliver Campaigns into Inbox: Clients can easily send and schedule campaigns and deliver it to the inbox of the customers on the basis of their segregation.
  • Establish ISP Relationship.
  • 16,000 IP+ are used in rotation to avoid blacklisting.
  • Supports Email Authentication like DMARC, DKIM and SPF.
  • Ensuring availability across the globe with redundant servers in tier 3 IDCs.
  • Analyze and View Reports: Detailed information.
    • analytic and graphical reports to track the performance of the email campaigns sent to customers.
    • Reports of Social Media.
    • Track visitors, revenue generated and conversions generated by the campaign.
    • Reports by ISPs and time period.
    • Manage Contacts.
    • Integration with CRM tools.
    • View contacts list which is similar to structure of the folder.
    • Capture contracts via sign-up forms.
    • Maintenance of Contacts.
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