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In modern times, it is essential to be in touch with the latest technology at all times. Bulk SMS is the quickest way to convey information to individuals or to member of groups; within few seconds. Our Bulk SMS services meets the need of every user to reach thousands of clients with just one click. It is essential in various business platforms; including sales driven platform. It is an option to start and experience amazing results in your business first hand.

The features and benefits of Bulk SMS service are:

Group Messaging

Now send a generic message to all the recipients or customize a message to each recipient based on a template. With our strong and scalable interface, you can send thousands of SMS messages per second. We also offer you the feature of scheduling messages on the basis of time, date, or you can even setup recurring campaigns.

Custom Sender ID

It represents the number or the name which is flashed on the recipient phone upon receiving the SMS. Most of the Operators and GSM networks accepts up to 8-character Alpha- Numeric String as the Senders identification.

The Source Adresses must follow the following criteria:

  • In length it should be between 3 and 8 characters.
  • Must not comprise of blank spaces.
  • '0' cannot be used as the first character.
  • Accented characters must not be used.
  • Special characters like '%?%$()/<>' must not be used.
  • Greek characters must not be used.
  • Individual name can not be used.
  • The addresses of the source are sensitive.
  • API Integration: Application Programming Interface is one way through way you connect to SMSCall4 messaging platform. It is an efficient, flexible and an easy option for integration of your website/ application, which facilitates auto-generated text messages to be delivered to the recipients phones. This method does not comprise of Call4's platform at your site.
  • Delivery Reports: SMSCall4 offers you instant and dynamic delivery report of the messages sent. The reports also can be downloaded into an Excel worksheet for analysis.

The benefits of Bulk SMS are:

  • Time efficient: Create one message and target to a large audience- instead of sending a message just to one recipient. Groups can be created on the basis of location, gender, and income.
  • Save Money: Companies can choose to send bulk SMS to thousands of customers in a minimal price-instead of sending letters or brochures to their customers.
  • Delivery Report: With the system delivery of messages can be tracked easily.
  • Online application: It is an online application with does not require any software.
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